Relative Film Reviews is a website that publishes one film review per month.

It has been designed for those who have an interest in films, but at the same time do not wish to be spammed with every news flash concerning every single film that has ever been released, with exclusive interviews with every actor and every filmmaker out there, who, let’s face it, rarely have anything interesting to say.

Our philosophy here at Relative Film Reviews is that most people have an interest in films to the extent that they enjoy hearing about a good story every once in a while. Most people live busy lives and probably watch no more than one film a week (if that!).

Therefore, each month we shall tell you a bit about a film that we think you may enjoy, but have perhaps not considered before. They will not concern abstract pseudo-intellectual art films, but they will probably not concern the latest blockbuster either.

We pride ourselves on producing quality reviews every so often. And by doing so we hope we can assist you in choosing your next film to watch.

(Please take a look at our “Why Relative” section to see what we mean by creating interviews that cater to the individual)



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